How to Help Us

We are pleased offer to a variety of ways you can help SGA save the Queen Conch. The information below expands upon a few points of interest including donations, the need for grant writers, volunteers, and a unique fundraising quest.

1) Donations
Your generous donations can be made through the Texas base 501c3 tax free corporation known as CREED. Checks may be made out and mailed to CREED, with SGA written on the bottom left-hand side, at 201 Lake Village Drive, McKinney, Texas USA 75071.

Direct banking details for the 501c3 tax credit are Zion Bank Account #070015854, Tax ID #87-0586965, at 3 South Main, Cedar City, Utah 84720 USA, routing #124 0000 54.

Non-monetary donations (ie: boats, barges, and the like) should be checked by your tax authority to determine your right-off capabilities for the 501c3. We do believe that the CREED Tax ID #87-05586965 should be sufficient; however, it is best to check first please.

We are also in the process of setting up a Belizean bank account for SGA Belize for the convenience of our supporters who may not be looking for the tax break. Please watch for updated banking information on this website.

2) Grant Writers
We are actively looking for Grant Writers who would like to volunteer their time sourcing and writing grant applications in the areas of environmental conservation, sustainability, fishing communities, reef protection, eco/green projects, and the like.

3) Volunteers
In January 2015, SGA hosted student participants from Iowa’s Drake University. Together we did the following:

  • Explored conch habitats and discarded shell mounds (middens)
  • Used the “Tool” to remove conch meat without damaging the shell
  • Cooked five traditional conch recipes with Ms Julia at the Garifuna Cultural Center and Restaurant
  • Worked with the operculum and shell; drilling, sanding, crushing & painting to determine the feasibility of making conch-crete tiles, wind chimes, jewellery and landfill.

The Photo Gallery Page has some pictures, videos and student presentations of our Drake Student volunteers and their experience with SGA.

SGA enjoys the opportunity to educate and include others with various projects involving the Queen Conch.

4) Fundraising
Crowdfunding or Crowd Sharing is a web-based method of fundraising that we would like to explore. At present, we have limited personnel and regularly monitor a Crowd Funding initiative but believe there is a world of support for our cause.

Please feel free to contact us to inquire about any of the ways you think you can help.

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