Photo Gallery

Marine Protected Areas, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala

Pre-Columbian conch shell midden (platform) on East End of Anegada, British Virgin Islands (source:

This conch shell platform identified as Structure 31 at Marco Gonzalez Maya Site on Ambergris Caye in Belize is approximately 2000 years old. (source: with permission, Jan Brown 2010).

Conch shell engraved cup from Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma, USA (source: http://www.lithiccastinglab.htm).

Antique 9k gold and pink conch shell cameo pin c 1880, (source:

Queen Mary Conch Pearl Broach, 1901-1915 (source: Smithsonian Institution).

Conch shell lamp by a local craftsman in Cruz Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands (source:

Piles of empty Strombus gigas shells at the Southwest Cay of Pedro Bank, Jamaica (Source: A. Tewfik).

Conch harvest with Ramon Badillo on Ambergris Caye, eary 1970's

Drake Student Volunteers

Here are some pictures, videos and student presentations of our Drake Student volunteers and their experience with SGA. Click here for their student presentation (1.6mb pdf).

Global Engagement: Service-Learning in Belize

Drake University students volunteering with SGA Belize, using the "tool" to remove the meat from the Queen Conch AND eating the pistal!!!

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