To conserve Queen Conch and related marine shell products and promote the sustainable livelihoods of conch fisher folk and their communities.


To encourage sustainable production and harvesting of queen conch and related marine shell products

To increase income and employment of conch fishermen and their families through the better use of by products and derivatives

To develop and promote industry best practices and quality standards

To promote national and international regulations that ensure the long term survival of the species


Strombus Gigas Alliance is directed by the following goals for sustainability of the Queen Conch:

1. To promote better harvesting and collection practices in existing Queen Conch harvesting areas (fishing practices)

2. To improve monitoring of supply and demand for the Queen Conch and its products (data collection)

3. To collect and disseminate information on the economic and social importance of Queen Conch harvesting (education)

4. To promote new technologies which enrich existing Queen Conch habitats (research)

5. To support and/or encourage sustainable aquaculture facilities (farming and mariculture)

6. To promote value-added production of Queen Conch derivatives (maximum usage for sustainability)

7. To develop local businesses and new trade markets for value-added products (commercial development)

8. To seek reform in the licensing and certification process for the Queen Conch (update regulations for improved sustainability)

9. To ensure an equitable share of the benefits from the Queen Conch trade remains within the Caribbean communities (ethical business practices)

Initiatives & Projects:

SGA members are oriented towards seeking practical solutions to problems of developing a sustainable Queen Conch industry. We are an NGO that puts into practice actions for positive change in a new conservationist way. Our initiatives include:

1. Find markets for value added conch by products in the food, pharmaceutical and building industry

2. Promote a manual and/or power assisted tool to remove conch meat from shell without shell damage

3. Develop low cost methods to excavate and bring to shore whole conch shell and broken shells

4. Collect and process waste by products from large scale processors of conch meat (dirty meat, pistol, foot)

5. Help design and make local craft jewelry and accessories using conch shell

6. Develop technologies for the use of conch shell in building and construction

7. Develop fashion jewelry and accessories from low grade or misshapen conch pearls

8. Assist in marketing of alternative value added marine products in conch fishing neighborhoods. (Sponges, seaweed, cosmetic muds, etc)

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